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  Cardia  resins:


1. Cardia Compostable resin is a biodegradable  and compostable material based on a blend of thermoplastic starch (TPS), biodegradable polyesters and natural plasticizers. The resin is derived from renewable resources including non-GMO corn starch which is an annually renewable resource.

2. The compostable resin Certified biodegradable and compostable to international standards:Europe EN13432,USA ASTM D6400, AUS AS4736 and new home compostable certification  AS5810.

3.Cardia Biohybrid™ resin is a homogenous blend of thermoplastic starch (TPS) with polyethylene (PE). The resin is based on corn starch which is a renewable material. 

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Factory workshop

Biograde Nangjing Pty. Ltd.

   Cardia Bioplastics manufactures its bioplastic resins , films and finished products derived from renewable resources at its

Nanjing,China manufacturing plant(Biograde Nanjing Pty. Ltd.).

   The plant has the capacity to produce 7,200 tonnes of bioplastic resin per annum.

The plant operates under strict production and quality processes which have been recognised with

ISO9001 Quality Certification, ISO 14001 Enviromental Management System and the China Environmental Label.