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Biograde (Nanjing) Pty. Ltd.


Company Address:No.2 Xingbai Road,Tuqiao Industial Park,Jiangning District,Nanjing , China

Hotline:+86 25  52728473

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Company mission

Environmental protection, wonderful life
Environmental protection
Strengthen and expand the environmental protection business, establish a first-class raw material enterprise, and develop a variety of applications. We are committed to being a leader in the environmental industry.
Wonderful Life
We guide consumer demand, continue to expand the field of environmentally friendly raw materials, continue to promote product and service innovation, and contribute high-quality environmentally friendly products to make human work and life more exciting.
Country of effectiveness We are the flag of China's environmental protection industry. It is our sacred mission to guide the sustainable development of the industry, promote local economic growth and social progress, promote independent innovation, improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the raw material basic industry, and form an intellectual property system with international influence.
Contributing society
We pay attention to the coordinated development of social and economic benefits, take the initiative to undertake social responsibilities, actively explore the development path of circular economy, build environmentally friendly enterprises, model compliance with laws and regulations in the region where the business is located, promote local economic development and employment, and make progress for society. Should contribute.
Customer service
We adhere to the customer first, provide customers with cost-effective products; advocate integrity-based, establish strategic partnerships with customers; advocate service-oriented, think what customers think, urgency and help customers succeed.


More than Auger: We are responsible for the great corporate citizenship of the world. To this end, we are committed to building a harmonious family of environmental protection undertakings to maintain the healthy, benign and sustainable development of the entire industry.
We are committed to winning the trust of our customers and winning the respect of our peers through our persistent efforts.
Evergreen than the Auger Tree:
The business responsibility of Aoge makes us always innovate!
The world responsibility of Aoge makes us eternal passion and live the value of the world citizen!
We are always on the ice, carrying forward the weight, constantly surpassing ourselves and achieving a longer than the tree of Australia!

Shared vision