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Biograde (Nanjing) Pty. Ltd.


Company Address:No.2 Xingbai Road,Tuqiao Industial Park,Jiangning District,Nanjing , China

Hotline:+86 25  52728473

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The company was established in Australia in September 2002 and merged with Stella Films Group in April 2015 to form SECOS Group Limited (ASX CODE: SES). The company produces fully biodegradable and biodegradable resins in its modern Nanjing company. These products are sold in Australia and New Zealand through the Australian company and through the global marketing of the company. The company uses its advanced formula and series of patents. Continuously innovate and expand products


 +86 25  52728473


No.2 Xingbai Road,Tuqiao Industrial Park,Jiangning District,Nanjing,