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SECOS lauches New Certified Home Compostable Biopolymer Resin

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SECOS has added to its existing range of Compostable Biopolymer Resins through the introduction of a new certified Home Compostable resin for food and packing applications.

The new resin formulation enable SECOS Biopolymer bags and film products to be composted by householders in their home-compost bin or via existing organic waste collection arrangements such as green bin waste.

SECOS’ new resin was developed in response to demand from major retail brands plus film and bag prouducers,who increasingly require bags and films to be produced using Home Compostable resin, to meet their sustainability requirements and to reduce non-compostable ,Oil-based plastic waste,of which a high proportion ends up in land fill.

lSECOS’new Home Compostable Cardia (BF03-HC) resin grade is FDA(US Food and Drug Administration) compliant and safe for food contact applications.

Cardia resins are certified compostable to AS 4736,EN 13432,ASTM D6400,and now with the new Home Compostable resin are certified to Australian and French Home Compostable standards,AS5810 and NF-T51-800.


Sustainable and eco-friendly biopolymer developer SECOS Group Limited(ASX:SES,"SECOS" or "the Company ") is pleasedto announced the release of a new Home Compostable resin grade for use across a range of flexible applications.


As announced in the SECOS Invsetor Presentation on 2 April 2019,SECOS identified a range of food and consumer packing applications as key strategic growth markets.This new grade of Compostable Biopolymer will complement the Company's existing compostable resin range and opens sigificant new opportumities to supply the food and packing sectord domedtically and internationally.


The new Home Compostable resin alloes SECOS to provide a product packing and waste management solution that directd used packing to either a home compost or an industrial compost end of life solution, which is consistent with Circular Economy Principles.


SECOS Chief Executive officer, Mr.lan Stacey ,said:"Branded companied requiring sustainal packing are increasingly searchingfor an alternative compostable replacement of single use--palstics packing and palstic bags.Consequently ,SECOS is seeing a siginificant increase in demand for certified Home Compostable resin ,which when converted into food and consumer packing ,or bags ,offer consumers multiple end-of-life options including Home Composting."


"SECOS is working with converters in both domestic and several overseas markets,who are looking to utilize Home Compostable resin in a number of new applications such as Box Liners,Food Packing Bags and Carry Bags."


"The Company's new Home Compostable certification will mean that carry bags,food produce bags and other fresh food package in compostable bags can be picked up from the retailer,stored at home ande finally disposed of with food waste either into existing organic waste streams (e.g.,via green bin waste when it is diverted to organic waste treatment processing) or via domestic composting.SECOS Compostable Bags assist householders in diverting food waste from land-fill which ultimately reduces greenhouse gas emissions."





SECOS Head of Research & Development,Mr Markus Leufgens,said:"the new Home Compostable formulation is a result of SECOS' target R&D activities,which for the last year have been focused on the development of new compostable formulations.The Home Compostable formulation is the first new product from this program,and importantly meets Australian and International standards for Home Compostability.SECOS expects to further broaden its product range with the release a number of new grades in coming months."


The Home Compostable formulation will open significant new opportunities within the food and consumer packing marketsfor SECOS.The Home Compostable formulation can be produced at our plants in both Malaysia and China.


SECOS Group Limited(ASX:SES) is a leading developer and manufacturer of sustainable packing materials.Based in Melboume,Australia,SECOS supplies its proprietary biodegradable resins,packing products and high-quality cast films to a blue-chip global customer base.SECOS Group is integrated from resin production,into film(cast and blown)production and can develop bespoke compostable solutions for a range of applications.


SECOS holds a strong patent portfolio and the global trend toward sustainable packaging is fueling the Company’s growth.


The Company’s headquarters and Global Applicaion Development Center are based in Melbourne,Australia.SECOS has a Prouduct Development Center and manufacturing plant for resins and finished products in Nanjing,China,with manufacturing plants for high quality cast films in Port Klang,Malaysia.


SECOS has sales offices in Australia ,China and the US,with a network of leading distributors across the Americas,Europe,Asia,the Middle East,Africa and India.


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