"Work together to create brilliance"

The biannual working meeting of Beagle partners was held in Tangshan hot spring
On November 23-25, biaoge invited some partners to reach a consensus on how biaoge and its partners should deal with the "turbulence" in the industry caused by the current financial crisis, and proposed that as friends in the application of biodegradable materials, we should "work together in the same boat to create new glory", look for "opportunities" while seeing the "danger", and uniformly express the price system and the concept of environmental protection, The most important thing is to put forward three "1%". In order to meet the needs of customers, we should try our best to help customers analyze order requirements, decompose concept identification, price comparison, process requirements, etc., and to maximize, especially in today's special period of market downturn, we should support and protect people committed to environmental protection; The theme of the meeting was clear, and the content was effective. The results of the discussion played a practical supporting role in the future market application. The participants said that "this meeting was a great harvest, and the meeting was" timely and effective "; We listened carefully to the guidance of experts, and were frank when discussing problems. We were all looking for solutions to market problems. What was more prominent was that at that time, the solution discussed in the meeting was communicated back by telephone, which was directly applied to customers and played an immediate role.