Biaoge won the order of Olympic environmental protection bag (2008-09-01)

As one of the three themes of the 2008 Olympic Games, "Green Olympics" is mainly reflected in environmental protection, which needs the common attention and support of the whole society. The prohibition of free plastic bags is for pollution control and sustainable development. The government attaches great importance to "white pollution", which is widely praised by international environmental protection organizations and people from all walks of life.
Recently, one month before the opening of the 2008 Olympic Games, the China Science Popularization tour of biodegradable materials with the theme of "green materials, Green Olympics" was also held in Nanjing. The event was jointly organized by Beijing new materials development center and biaoge (Nanjing) environmental protection materials Co., Ltd. At the beginning of this year, BOCOG announced to the world that during the 2008 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Olympic Village will use biodegradable plastic bags, with a demand of 5million. After several months of strict screening and evaluation, Beagle (Nanjing) environmental protection materials Co., Ltd. has been selected to supply environmental protection plastic bags for the Beijing Olympic Games.
Wan Rong, deputy director of Beijing new materials development center, said that the evaluation of candidate enterprises is fair and just. The evaluation is mainly carried out from two aspects: one is to understand whether the enterprise has bad reputation and whether there are relevant negative reports in history; the other is to directly understand the enterprise, go to the enterprise for on-site investigation, evaluate the financial strength and production capacity of the enterprise, and also check whether the working environment of the enterprise workshop is clean and hygienic Whether the enterprise is fully prepared for supply, etc.
It is understood that biaoge is the only enterprise in China that produces blown film plastic products that meet the international quality certification standards of the European Union, the United States, Japan and other countries. It is understood that the main raw material of fully biodegradable plastic bags is corn starch, which can be naturally decomposed into carbon dioxide and water under the action of microorganisms within 72 days after being discarded.
Chen Yi, general manager of Beagle (Nanjing) environmental protection materials Co., Ltd., said that he was very happy to be selected as a supplier. He took this opportunity to hold a science popularization tour to actively promote the application of fully biodegradable plastic products with practical actions. It is understood that the Nanjing municipal government strongly supports the promotion of environmental friendly plastic bags. Information shows that some places have begun to consider the establishment of full biodegradable plastic industrial parks and formulate relevant policies to support the healthy and rapid development of the industry.