"Work together to create brilliance"

On November 23-25, biaoge invited some partners to reach a consensus on how biaoge and its partners should deal with the "turbulence" in the industry caused by the current financial crisis, and proposed that as friends in the application of biodegradable materials


Organizing Committee of the 29th Olympic Games

Driven by Beijing new materials development center and through the joint efforts of all sectors of the industry, in July 2008, BOCOG purchased 7 varieties of 5050218 biodegradable plastic bags, which were widely used in the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games


Olympic economy after the start of degradable plastic material industry

According to the relevant officials of the catering Department of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, Beijing will be responsible for the catering of 31 competition venues,


Several main biodegradable materials have their own advantages and disadvantages

The new century will face two major problems, one is the resource problem (energy problem); Second, environmental pollution.


Nanjing Beagle is designated by Kmart supermarket as its special supplier of fully biodegradable plastic bags

From March 20, 2009, Beagle will begin to provide (compostable) fully biodegradable plastic bags for 12 chain stores in Kmart, South Australia.


Biaoge won the order of Olympic environmental protection bag (2008-09-01)

As one of the three themes of the 2008 Olympic Games, "Green Olympics" is mainly reflected in environmental protection, which needs the common attention and support of the whole society. The prohibition of free plastic bags is for pollution control and sustainable development. The government attaches great importance to "white pollution", which is widely praised by international environmental protection organizations and people from all walks of life.


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