Nanjing Beagle is designated by Kmart supermarket as its special supplier of fully biodegradable plastic bags

From March 20, 2009, Beagle will begin to provide (compostable) fully biodegradable plastic bags for 12 chain stores in Kmart, South Australia.
Jay, the Minister of environment and protection of South Australia, launched a survey and tried it out in Kmart supermarket. The content of the survey is that Kmart supermarket allows customers to choose what kind of packaging bags to use after shopping after the South Australian government's plastic ban order was issued on May 4, 2009. In the survey conducted by Kmart, customers can choose the fully biodegradable compostable plastic bags provided by Beagle company or the colored printed cloth, cotton and linen woven environmental protection bags that charge 15 cents each.
Dr. Frank, the director of Beagle, said, "we are very happy to participate in the Kmart project. Thank Kmart supermarket for providing us with such an opportunity to let consumers decide whether to choose our products after their awareness of environmental protection has improved." Our products have passed a large number of tests and obtained the authoritative certification of some major international testing institutions in the industry. We use our own raw materials, process them into resin materials, and finally regenerate them into finished plastic bags. Therefore, we can absolutely guarantee that our products meet various international standards.
"More importantly, these compostable bags can be completely decomposed in the waste management system," Dr. Frank said
After being designated as the only supplier of fully biodegradable packaging for the Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games, biaoge has gained more and more recognition in this industry, and our company's position in this emerging market is becoming more and more important, which can also be seen from the survey conducted by Kmart supermarket. Recently, Beagle was awarded the "outstanding contribution award for Australia China trade" by the Australian Chamber of Commerce.
It is estimated that the total trade value of the global packaging market is 180billion, of which only 1% is used for renewable and degradable packaging. However, we cannot deny that the potential of this market is great, and the biodegradable material packaging industry will be a rapidly developing industry in the future.
Beagle was founded in 2002 with its headquarters in Australia. The core production plant is located in Nanjing, China, and its business and sales offices are located in Australia, China and Germany, and will soon set up offices in the United States. The products are sold all over the world, and the business is growing rapidly. Because this product is fully in line with the policy of sustainable development and the global trend of biodegradable environmental protection packaging.
At the same time, as a developer, manufacturer and distributor, Beagle has taken the lead in establishing its leading position in the global biodegradable plastic packaging industry. The company has patented technology that has obtained international authoritative certification standards, and is constantly committed to research and development of new products.